Two Worlds Creature
Weakness: Slashing
Drops: Wolf Heart

Wolves are the most common animal in Antaloor. They can be found in almost any forest, but are most common up north, in the province of Thalmont. The Wolf can be found in three varieties; the Wolf, the slightly tougher Grey Wolf and the much tougher Silver Wolf. Along with this, the White Wolf can be found in the Deladkull Glacier area, along with Polar Bears and Glacier Orcs. Wolves shouldn't provide too much of a challenge for beginning adventurers, but less experienced ones should be cautious around the Silver Wolf. if you are running through the woods and you arent paying attention to the enemies then they can build up, so be careful.

Honestly, this is a very difficult monster at the start of the game, so remember not to underestimate it. They always travel in pack of one to three.

You can create this monster. See the Creating People/Monsters page.