This is a collaborative walkthrough for Two Worlds. This only includes required quests to complete the main plot of the game.

  1. Into the Darkness - Complete the brief tutorial which concludes with killing two Groms.
  2. Sword for Hire, Soul for Hire - Get your reward for clearing the Groms from Tago.
  3. A Dim Light - Meet with Gandohar south of Komorin Village.
  4. A Grim Message - Meet with Reist Tungard at the Goat's Cave.
  5. No Room for Negotiations - Meet with Gandohar outside of Goat's Cave near the teleporter.
  6. A Crack in the Glass - Use the Thalmont Node to communicate with Kira.
  7. The Twins - Speak with Gandohar again outside the Goat's Cave.
  8. An Ace in the Sleeve - Speak with Reist again in the Goat's Cave.
  9. High Stakes - Speak with Gandohar outside the Goat's Cave.
  10. The Relic - Bring all five pieces of the relic to Gandohar just north of Qudinar.

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