Location Type: Human City
Located at: North Antaloor
(Just south of Thalmont.)
Merchants: Brotherhood, Society, Merchants Guild

Tharbakin is a large city south of Komorin, and is the capital of Thalmont. It is the seat of Skelden House, who usurped power from the ruling Karga Clan when the King sent them in, so that the province of Thalmont would prosper as it had previously been rather poor.

As the Hero enters the city-proper, there is a town square, where many merchants gather. Tharbakin also has a city dungeon, a Society Guildhouse and a Merchants Guildhouse. It is a good source of quests, and like the other large cities in the game, a Skill Changer can be found in the city. The city is also home to a number of trainers.

To the south of Tharbakin, Pale Stone Cave can be found. This cave is actually a secret passage into the city, as it is connected to the dungeons. This can be found out by exploring, or by taking the Quest from the Karga Clan agent that is wandering around outside the cave.

Just to the north of Tharbakin and northwest of the path, there is a Giriza merchant. Just northwest of them is a small Grom hunting party with a locked chest nearby.


  • White dots are merchants.
  • Orange dot is a Society trainer.
  • Blue dot is someone that offers Regression services.

Tharbakin Map

  1. Tharbakin Teleport
  2. Pale Stone Cave/Eras Brakalet
  3. Town Dungeons
  4. Tharbakin Crossroads Inn/Keshi Lono/Stork
  5. Dakel Wavernor
  6. Stranger
  7. Ged Sammra
  8. Rama Erendar/Daron Moreti
  9. Locked room full of traps.
  10. Merchants Guildhouse/Pol Getber