Two Worlds II: Castle Defense (official website)  is a tower defense game developed by Reality Pump and published by Topware Interactive. It was released on the App Store on April 27, 2011, and on PC/Mac on May 17, 2011, with a later Steam release on June 14 that same year. 

Castle Defense takes place between the events of Two Worlds and Two Worlds II. The player takes the role of either Gandohar or Sordahon, commanding armies of soldiers against various enemies across ten missions: five Campaign Missions and five Arena challenges. There are six types of units available, which can be upgraded by spending gold to improve their effectiveness. Gold is earned from defeating enemies and surviving waves. The soundtrack utilizes songs from Two Worlds II.

Castle Defense appears to take place on the same continent as the first Two Worlds. The map shown on the level select screen is a portion of the map of Antaloor from the first game, with each level seemingly taking place at various familiar locations. They appear to be as follows:

  • The 'Arena' levels take place at Cathalon
  • The 'Oswaroth' campaign level takes place at the Orcish city of the same name.
  • The 'Forest Camp' campaign level takes place near the Death Claw Tower.
  • The 'Desert Ruins' and 'Catacombs' levels take place within the Drak'ar Desert.
    • 'Desert Ruins' takes place west of the village Kahar, and northwest of the town Xanthos.
    • 'Catacombs' takes place at or near the Dragon's Lair.
  • The 'Cemetery' campaign level appears to take place somewhere northeast of Hadeborg Castle.