Location Type: Tainted Wasteland
Located at: Ostenwald
Residents: None
Merchants: None
Available Quests: None

Oswaroth was once a city, located on the eastern ridge of the Western Continent just above the Dra'kar Desert, in the region of, Ostenwald. Sometime before the events of Two Worlds the entire region, including the city, was destroyed leaving nothing but smoking ruins and tainted wasteland. The city is now home to some of the most fearsome creatures in all of Antaloor including the Miamat.

For the majority of Two Worlds Oswaroth isn't mentioned until, nearing the end of the main storyline, it become a crucial part. After Gandohar captures the Hero's sister he takes her to his Castle located in the centre of Oswaroth. The Hero finds Reist Tungard at the entrance of the gate and finds out that he isn't Gandohar's master, Gandohar is his. Reist transforms into a horrific Demon who must be slain to be able to gain access to the Castle. When the Hero manages to destroy Reist and enter the Star of Oswaroth, Gandohar awaits him. The Hero then has two options. He can either kill Gandohar, putting an end to his plans once and for all or he can fall Gandohar's plan and become enslaved.

Oswaroth is inhabited by many tainted creatures including dark knights, which can get the better of you if you are not careful.