A group of Young Groms, just outside of Komorin Village.


A group of Young Groms, just outside of Komorin Village.

Two Worlds Creature

Groms are superstitious creatures, centred around a tribal like society. Groms can usually be found in small bands, although there are a number of larger Grom camps scattered around Antaloor, mainly in the northern province of Thalmont. Groms are most often found using blunt weapons, such as Maces and Clubs.

Groms can be found in three varieties; The smaller, light green and weaker Young Grom, the larger, dark green and stronger Grom and the green, medium sized Grom Shaman. The Grom Shaman is a practitioner of Necromancy or Fire magic. They can be found using either one of two combonations. The Necromancy combo, an Apprentice Necro Staff and the Poison Dart spell. Or, the Fire combo, an Apprentice Fire Staff and the Fireball spell.

It should be noted however, that the Necromantic Shaman is more common.

Grom armament:

  • Heavy Mace
  • Broken Kneeclub
  • Slim Hatchet
  • Short Handeled Hatchet
  • Hatchet
  • Club

You can create this creature.See the Creating People/Monsters page.

From Groms (TW2)Edit

Two Worlds II Creature
Resistant: Resist Fire
Drops: Equipment

The Grom is a classic take on the goblin species in Antaloor. Unlike their usual fantasy counterparts, Groms are intelligent, tribal people and well cultured in their own right. While primitive, they have their own customs and culture, and often praise their totemic gods. Groms are of average height and have greenish-tinged skin. Most warriors do not use heavier armors than some loincloth or light weight primitive jerkins, but they do use clan or totemic shields and swords in deadly combinations.

In fights, Groms are fierce (even if easy to defeat by experienced warriors) opponents, attacking in groups, flanking, using swords and bows or even magic.

Once the hero is freed from Castle Vahkmaar and follows Dar Pha into the teleport to the island of Alsorna, one of the first tasks Dar Pha gives you is to learn how to assassinate. This is when the Hero comes across Groms again - his first assassination target is a Grom sentry that patrols the way to the orc camp where the hero will have to make way. Afterwards, Rogdor shows the Hero how to dispose of many Groms at once using terrain and setting massive traps (such as causing a rockslide to bury a whole camp of those savages). Nortar will help hero learn the basics of archery and the multi-arrow skill by sniping a few Groms across a tree bridge.

All in all, Groms are likely the punching bags of the Antaloor, but make no mistake: a weakened hero who doesn't learn how to swing a sword or wield magics stands no chance against their horde - and they're very rarely roaming the lands alone.Most groms die after 2-3 hits with a sword or spell.Groms are very fun to kill,but sometimes challenging.