Combat UnitsEdit

"Training elite imperial soldiers isn't easy. It requires years of preparation and practice. When ready, recruits are taken to their final test by Emperor Gandohar himself. Only those who survive are deemed worthy of being called Imperial Elites."

-Loading screen for Arena mode

The objective of each mission is to keep the leader, Gandohar or Sordahon, alive. If the leader is defeated, the level is lost; if they survive, the level is won. Combat units are employed to protect the leader.

The player can place a unit at any available spawnpoint. There are two types of spawnpoints: the standard Blue, and the enchanted Orange. Orange spawnpoints provide a 50% bonus to health and strength.

There are six units available to deploy:


In-Game Description: A blade-wielding man-at-arms, trained for standard melee combat.


In-Game Description: Deadly with a bow and quiver, will pick off enemies with calculated precision.


In-Game Description: Curses enemies to slow their attacks and advances.


In-Game Description: Heals friendlies within range.

Fire MageEdit

In-Game Description: Hurls fireballs that punish the enemy with bursting damage.

Royal GuardianEdit

In-Game Description: Elite warriors with heavily fortified armor, expert at close combat.

Unit Management Edit

There are six ways to manage units:


Healing Edit

In-Game Description: Instantly restore all HP to a selected unit.

Discharge Edit

In-Game Description: Discharge selected unit for 75% of its original value.

Teleport Edit

In-Game Description: Transport selected unit to a free spawnpoint, or switch position between two units.

Revive Edit

In-Game Description: Instantly restore all HP to a fallen unit.

Upgrade Edit

In-Game Description: Upgrade unit HP and strength.

Conceal/Expose Edit

In-Game Description: Conceal selected unit. Once hidden, the unit is excluded from battle until the Expose button is pressed.

Leader Units Edit

Depending on the level, Gandohar or Sordahon will be available. A leader's health and strength can be upgraded like any other unit's, but you cannot perform any other actions on them.

Each leader has three Direct Attacks which the player can use to target specific enemies. They cost no gold, but have a cooldown time between uses. These direct attacks become more powerful if the leader's strength is upgraded, with no increase to cooldown time.

Gandohar Edit

Gandohar attacks from range with magic.

Direct attacks:

  • Slowdown--a poison cloud that damages and slows the target; this attack cannot be used on an enemy already slowed by a Necromancer's spell--45 second cooldown
  • Firestorm--a fireball that deals direct damage to the target and explodes for area-of-effect damage--60 second cooldown
  • Lightning Bolt--a powerful lightning bolt damages the target--60 second cooldown

Sordahon Edit

Sordahon engages in melee combat, utilizing his mace.

Direct attacks:

  • Mental Thorns--multiple shocking thorns damage the target--60 second cooldown
  • Fire Blades--a flurry of magical blades damages the target--45 second cooldown
  • Infernal Fists--three fireballs damage the target--30 second cooldown