The Alchemy icon.

Alchemy is the act of creating Potions, Bombs, Traps and Weapon Enchantments in Two Worlds. This is achieved through the use of Minerals, Flora and Fauna. Creating these things can be done from the very start of the game if the Hero has some ingredients, but to create more potent potions, players will have to invest Points into the skill. Unfortunately, the Hero will have to be trained in the Skill beforehand, and it can only be taught to the Hero by Necromancers.

Locations TaughtEdit

This skill is taught by a member of the Necromancers faction in:

Location Description

Entering through the south gate, he is to the right near a hut.

Qudinar Exiting the city through the Northern gate, turn right and follow the staircase toward Smuggler's Cave. A graveyard like area should be present near the city walls. The trainer may be found near the exterior walls of the graveyard itself. (Requires reputation with Necromancer faction. Present on XBox 360, unverified for PC.)

Verified in PC version, Tellard Crardver found behind the graveyard. (Current Reuputation: 4)


Permanent ingredients are the ones that when mixed with others, will give a permanent boost to your characters stats. These stats include protection to certain elements, or raising Parameters and even HP or Mana. Examples of permanent ingredients are:

It is inadvisable to mix permanent ingredients with temporary ones, as they will not create a Permanent Effect potion.


Temporary ingredients are the ones that give a temporary buff to your character. The stronger the effect, the less time that it affects the Hero. Some suspect that this was a bug, but it was a tool used to balance the game, so that the player couldn't give their character powerful buffs for too long. Example's of temporary ingredients are: